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*All Information on this page is for Agent Use Only, Please consult the Agent Guide for additional information, this is to just be used as an outline, specific state variations and other information can be found in the agent guide provided by the carrier.

Final Expense Quick Issue, Quick Pay

  • Final Expense Designed for Automatic processing and quick issue
  • Simple application process; no medical exams~ just a few medical questions to answer
  • No telephone interview required at point-of-sale
  • Quick Issue – 4 Day turnaround on clean applications
  • Competitive Commissions paid daily

Unique Non-Smoker Classification

  • Non-Smoker defined as a person who has not smoked cigarettes for at least 12 months prior to the application date
  • Smokeless tobacco, pipe, and cigar smokers qualify as non-smoker

Final Expense Guaranteed Coverage

  • Guaranteed Coverage available for every client*
  • Final Expense Rates never increase; guaranteed level premiums
  • Coverage cannot be cancelled because of age or health

Tools to Help You Make the Final Expense Sale

americo final expense ultra protector

  • Quote Tools
  • Final Expense Lead Letters
  • Pre-Approved Advertising
  • One piece to document final planning details
  • Spanish Materials

Client Presentation

  • Final Expense Flip Chart with Agent Notes
  • Client Video
  • Both Available for Order

Final Wishes Planning Guide

  • Used with clients for lead generation, value added during sale, thank you after sale
  • Clients record important information all in one place personal data, plan for burial, funeral expenses, and financial data

Pre-Approved Client Advertising

  • Final Expense Lead Letters
  • Postcards
  • Business Reply Mailer

Spanish Materials

  • Client Brochure, worksheet, presentation
  • Final Wishes Planning Guide
  • Pre-Approved client and agent recruiting and sales ads

Product Overview

Ultra Protector I
 Full Death Benefit Day oneThree Final Expense Products to fit Different Health Profiles

  • Ultra Protector II:  2-Year Graded Death Benefit
  • Ultra Protector III:  3-Year Graded death benefit, Guaranteed Issue

State Availability

  • Not Available in AL, MS, NY, and VT
  • Ultra Protector I:  Available in all other states
  • Ultra Protector II?:  Available in all other states except WA.  Full death benefit state variation:  AR, MA, MO, MN, MT, NC, NJ, and WV
  • Ultra Protector III:  Available in all other states except AR, MA, MN, MT, PA, and WA- Two Year Graded death benefit state variation:  IL, NH, NJ, and WV

Issue Ages (age last birthday)

final expense phone sales


  • Ultra Protector I: Non Smoker 50-85; Smoker 50-80
  • Ultra Protector II:  50-80
  • Ultra Protector III:  50-75

Face Amounts (all states except WA)

  • Minimum Face $2,000
  • Maximum Face Amount
  • Ultra Protector I and II $30,000
  • Ultra Protector III $10,000

Face Amounts (WA Only) See Agent Guide

  • Maximum Face $30,000

Riders and Additional Features See Agent Guide

Final Expense Height and Weight See Agent Guide

MIB and Rx Check

  • Ordered on Ultra Protector I and II
  • Some circumstances a PHI will be ordered

Final Expense Underwriting

Ultra Protector I

  • All health questions in sections 1 and 2 are “no”
  • Height and weifght are within guidelines
  • MIB records clear or provide no information that is inconsitent with health history given on the application

Ultra Protector II

  • All health questions in section 1 are answered “no”
  • One or more health questions in Part 2 are answered “yes”
  • Height and weight are within guidelines
  • MIB records clear or provide no information that is inconsistent with health history given on the application

Ultra Protector III

  • No health questions are answered OR
  • Any question in part 1 is answered “yes”
  • Applicant does not qualify for Ultra Protector I or II and checks the box on section 4 of the application agreeing to accept

Forms and Materials

Ultra Protector Training Guide Powerpoint

Ultra Protector Brochure

Ultra Protector Telephone Sales Guidelines


UP Face Amount Rates

UP Purchase Money Rates

Americo Supply Requisition

Access to Americo Website


Training on Royal Neighbors

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Royal Neighbors Connections

Tele:  800-800-8000


Downloadable Forms

You cannot write business until you receive your agent number due to phone interview.
Please pay special attention to the one page “Voice or Paper?” as there are some situations that you must use the paper application.